Barbecue Safety Tips

Where is fire there is danger and barbecues are no exception no matter if you have a gas or charcoal powered one. Barbecues are extremely safe and there is no need to worry about your own or your family safety if you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For that reason you are highly recommended to store the manual and read the instructions if you are having any doubts about its use or maintenance. In addition to carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions for safe barbecuing, make sure to:

Take care for food safety. Just about all types of food harbour potentially dangerous bacteria which can cause serious health problems if ingested. To prevent a potential food poisoning, keep food in the refrigerator before use, keep it covered before you put it on the grill and make sure to cook it thoroughly because heat destroys all potentially harmful germs if the food was stored appropriately. Be sure, however, to avoid extremely high heat because charred food has been linked to cancer.

Choose proper location. Barbecue should be kept away from potentially flammable objects as well as from your home in order to prevent fire from spreading in case something goes seriously wrong. You are highly recommended to make sure that the distance between your barbecue and the nearest objects is in accordance with the recommended minimal distance before you lit it because a barbecue should never be moved once lit.

Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper care and maintenance. Never postpone barbecue cleaning and inspect it regularly for problems, especially if you have a gas powered version. If you notice anything unusual or suspicious, check the manual for potential causes and solutions, and do not use it if you are not absolutely sure that it is safe.

Dress appropriately and use proper barbecue tools. Avoid wearing loose clothing as well as swimming suit when barbecuing, and use tools which are specially designed for barbecue. Also, tie long hair back and wear oven gloves to protect your hands from the heat and fire.

Be careful when lighting charcoal and make sure that the ash is cold before you dispose it. You are highly recommended never to use flammable liquids to lit charcoal because the fire can burst into an uncontrollable flame which in turn can cause serious injuries. You are also recommended to be highly careful when disposing the ash and always make sure that it is really cold before you dispose it.

Keep the kids away from barbecue and never leave it unattended. Do not allow your kids to play near barbecue and make sure that someone takes over if you have to use the toilet or leave the barbecue for any other reason even if it will take just a few moments.

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. If you use your barbecue according to the manufacturer’s instructions and if you follow barbecue safety tips mentioned above, you probably will not need a fire extinguisher. Despite that you are highly recommended to keep it nearby in order to be able to react immediately if necessary.