Charcoal Vs Gas Barbecue - Which One to Choose

Basically, you can choose between two types of barbecue – gas and charcoal powered ones with both versions being available in countless designs, sizes and special features. Both do their job well and enable you to enjoy your party while preparing the food, however, many people face difficulties when deciding which one to choose.

The decision between charcoal and gas barbecue is in reality a matter of personal preferences, however, a comparison between both barbecue types can make your choice a lot easier. We will therefore take a closer look of both advantages and disadvantages of charcoal and gas barbecue grills.

Ease of use. Both charcoal and gas barbecues are easy to use but the gas version is in slight advantage, especially if you use gas in your kitchen as well. Unlike charcoal barbecue which is often challenging to ignite, gas powered version is easily lighted with a spark lighter, while the heat is regulated with a switch.

Food taste. Many people claim that food which is grilled on charcoal barbecue tastes better than the one that was cooked on a gas powered version. The heat and smoke from charcoal indeed leave a distinct flavour but on the other hand, taste is highly subjective and there are also people who dislike the “charcoal flavour”.

Ease of maintenance. The amount and type of care your new barbecue will require depends on a number of factors including its design which makes a comparison between charcoal and gas barbecues extremely difficult when it comes to ease of maintenance. Generally, gas powered versions are more clean which is why you might need less time and effort to keep it in top shape than the charcoal powered one although masonry charcoal barbecue for instance, requires virtually no care and maintenance.

Space. Charcoal barbecues take less space than gas powered versions, however, how much space your barbecue will take primarily depends on its design and size. But generally, you should not have any major difficulties finding the right size for your garden no matter if you are interested in charcoal or gas barbecue.

Visual appeal. Both charcoal and gas barbecues are available in countless styles and designs, and can easily be incorporated into just about every garden style.

Safety. Both charcoal and gas barbecues are extremely safe if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the basic safety measures.

Price. The prices of both barbecue types vary greatly and depend on barbecue’s size, model, brand, material and similar factors. For the same amount of money, you will get a comparable quality no matter if you choose charcoal or gas powered barbecue.

You cannot go wrong no matter which barbecue type you choose as long as it meets your specific needs although it is also important to mention that you do not have to choose between charcoal and gas powered version if you do not want to because it is also possible to find barbecues that are powered by both types of fuel.